Chill Wave Music: Changing the Electronic Genre

It could be tough trying to find any particular one sound that stands out from the rest of a certain genre. Especially when you are looking at any electronic or chill wave style of music. It has become increasingly difficult to get an original artist that wants to tread his/her own path from the genre. Generic beats, easy synthesizing, and very bad lyrics in some instances, have lead to the overall downfall of the electronic genre. - Summer Chill Mix 2016 

The most recent trend in the electronic music genre is chill wave. Chill wave is relaxed tones, and very subtle bass. It is quite relaxing style of electronic that's very thought out and a very big thing of beauty. No generic bombastic beats, no bad lyrics, no mainstream sounding music. It really is 100% art.

One of the break through artists on this sub genre of electronic music is Tycho. As Tycho, Hansen blends swirling melodies into vaguely triumphant arcs that crisscross between stuttering beats and vocal samples, creating rolling sonic landscapes that reach into the horizon.

His album Dive encompasses all the great aspects of what makes Tycho such a great artist. As soon as you begin to listen, you hear a thing that your ears have been dying for. The layers and casual tone within Dive ensure it is such an easy listen, which is one of the best chill wave albums on the market.

Another artist that has began to make a scene in chill wave is Teen Daze. When i began to listen to him, I began to get the same kinda of vibes i had gotten from Tycho. Very stress-free tones, with very subtle bass line which could really relax you in any kind of mood. It is definitely a difference of pace from the bombastic sounds of the regular techno/electronic music around the radio and mainstream. It's also hypnotizing how relaxed this album is a times.

At times the album could be almost too relaxed in the vibes and tones who's has, but all in all the album is absolute gold if you are searching for an artist who wants to become someone by himself and make his own footprint in the realm of electronic music.

I have listed a couple of examples of the place that the genre of electronic music is heading. With chill wave, artists now are creating actual artists music, using sounds and instances of around the world to create there music. The long run is bright for electronic music genre! - Summer Chill Mix 2016